Jun 9, 2012

When I grow up

I had always imagined when I grew up, I'd turn out to be a polished, well spoken, classy lady who has her shit together at all times. I went to an Irish Catholic all girls' school for Chrissake! When the nuns weren't talking about Jesus, all they taught us was how to be a lady.

Instead I turned out to be me.
  • Someone who can't eat a cupcake without getting the frosting all over her face.
  • Someone who puts her top on inside out and doesn't notice till someone points it out.
  • Someone who tries to get up from her chair whilst still having her headphones (which are plugged into her computer) around her neck. Almost every day.
  • Someone who forgets at least one thing on the shopping list (isn't that the point of having a list?)
  • Someone who stubs her toe on the bed at least once a week.
  • Someone who sometimes tries to answer the phone when the alarm goes off in the morning.
  • Someone, who has conversations like this:

J: Do you think Macs will ever take over PCs?
Me: Who's PC? 
J: Umm... Macs? and PCs?
Me: What are you talking about? What's Mac? Mac, as in short machiato, like a coffee?
J: Oookaaay. Are you even thinking?
Me: What? Why? WHO IS PC?
J: I'm just going to wait till it comes to you.
*finally, my brain kicks into gear. Cue, giggle fit*
Me: oooooohhhhhh hahaha.
J: *shakes head*

May be, someday I will grow up and become a lady who thinks before she speaks?

#PhotoADayJune - Days 6, 7, 8 and 9

Been a bit slack putting up the Photo a Day June challenge pictures up on the blog. I'll blame it on being tired and the inability to share straight to my blog via Instagram. Anyway, here's a quick catch up.

Day 6 - Hat

I'm not really much of a hat-wearer. However I am a hoodie-wearer and a hoodie can qualify as a hat right?

This picture is of me in my favourite hoodie. It has been unnaturally cold for the Gold Coast so obviously this hoodie has been getting quite a run lately. I am known to wear this at work even in summer (hood up) as I am always freezing in the office and need to protect myself from the cold aircon. Some of my colleagues even call me Kenny (from South Park). ;-)

Day 7 - Drink

The cold I spoke of continued and after dinner on Thursday, I needed something to warm me up so I convinced J to buy me a cup of hot chocolate from Max Brenner. I don't go to Max Brenner much but when I do, I always get the same thing - the dark hot chocolate with waffle balls. If you haven't had it, you are missing out. It is heaven in a cup.

Day 8 - Six o'clock

Today I almost forgot to put up a picture so I had to recycle one that I've taken before. My alarm goes off at 6 am every work day and when I wake up, the first thing I see is the shelf next to my bed. This is a picture of the shelf which is stacked with my ever multiplying and much prized jewellery collection.

And no, I definitely don't have enough!

Day 9 - Your View Today

I have spent most of my day being a bum on the couch so my view has involved:

1. AFL players and wondering why they must fumble with the ball so. Stupid game. (sorry Victoria)
2. Don (sexist but sexy) Draper
3. Food
4. Did I mention, food?
5. J (when I could take my eyes of aforementioned Don Draper)
6. A painting of tango dancers that J bought in Argentina.

No. 6 seemed to be the obvious choice for the photo since J declined being a model and I was too hungry to take photos of my food earlier today.

Obviously my photography skills do no justice to this painting but it is absolutely beautiful and I do spend a lot of time looking at it, dreaming about winning the lottery and running away to a land far, far away. But until that happens, this painting will have to suffice.

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Jun 5, 2012

#PhotoADayJune - Sign

This is a sign in the office kitchen (above the toaster, obvs).

About 10 am every morning, is burnt toast time. A lot of people eat their morning tea around this time and the entire office smells like toast.

But apparently burnt toast is srs bsns.

The text on the bottom explains in detail how there have been complaints and also includes a statutory warning about burnt toast being injurious to our health. Especially the people smelling the burnt toast.

 I thought this sign was funny because I can't believe it's actually up there. I mean ok, you may not like the smell of toast but is it really that bad that you would complain about it? There are worse smells. But I suppose it bothers some people.

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Jun 4, 2012

#PhotoADayJune - Close Up

This is a close up picture of a couple of my favourite silver bangles.

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE jewellery.

I really miss jewellery shopping in India. It's cheap and its oh-so-pretty! I bought these bangles when I was in India in 2011, from a little store I have been going to since I was about 13 or 14 years old. I hadn't been there since 2007, yet the guy at the shop immediately recognised me (I did after all spend a LOT of money there).

I ended up spending a LOT of money. Again. (surprise surprise) but I cam back with some amazing silver jewellery that I always get compliments for.

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What's that song again?

You know what's awesome? Technology.

So we're in the car, listening to Triple J.

Me: What's this song again? I really like it.
J: I don't know B..
Me: Oh but I have to know.....

*lightbulb moment*

Out comes smartphone and tap tap tap, SHAZAM (literally), the song is:

Wait. It doesn't end there. Then, le smart phone is even more awesomesauce. It tells me I can listen to the song on Spotify! MIND = BLOWN!

So of course, all weekend I Spotify the shiz out of this song. Never mind that YouTube was just as accessible, I had to Spotify because I could!

Picture this scenario 5 years ago and you'd be hanging for the song to end and keeping your fingers crossed that the radio presenter tells you the name of the song. Or it would slowly eat away your insides until the next time you heard it and may be, just may be,  you would ask and someone would know the name of the song. Pain. Ful.

How awesome is technology?

Jun 3, 2012

#PhotoADayJune - On My Plate

This is our dinner tonight - Garlic and thyme roast beef with a side of roast vegetables and gravy.

And because you're asking, it was delish!

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Dhoom Machale!

Last night SBS had a new reality show on - Bollywood Star. It's a competition to find a Bollywood star in Australia for one of India's leading movie producers/ directors. Last night was the audition process and it was pretty funny. I am keen to watch more.

After the show, SBS had a Bollywood movie on. Now I'm not usually a Bollywood kinda gal but all the singing and dancing on Bollywood Star got me a bit enthusiastic so I spent my Saturday night watching Dhoom 2. What was funnier though is poor J got stuck watching it with me. I think he enjoyed it and was pretty amused with exactly how far Bollywood stretches the concept of "willing suspension of disbelief."

I was talking to my mum while we were watching the movie and told her J was watching it with me.

Mum: You're making him watch a Bollywood movie? He will get a weird idea about India.
Me: He knows me, he already thinks Indians are weird.
Mum: That's true. 

And now, J has been singing "Dhoom Machale" since last night.

Jun 2, 2012

#PhotoADayJune - Empty

It's a cold, rainy miserable Saturday on the Gold Coast and not too many people out and about.

This picture is taken just outside J's house, normally a pretty busy street on a Saturday with heaps of people walking their dogs. Today the dogs have decided to stay home however.

I love this street. Normally I'll leave the door open and I can look out onto the street and just people watch. Dogs and little children. Skateboards and short shorts. Crackheads and fast cars.

It's cold today, the door is shut and it's an empty street. Empty.

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Jun 1, 2012

#PhotoADayJune - Mornings

Day 1 of the challenge and I didn't have to think twice about what my picture should be today.

I am not a morning person. So much so that J insists on cooking breakfast every morning because when I do it, it takes twice as long. Definitely not complaining about that one!

My body has (very reluctantly) gotten used to waking up very early these days. It’s an occupational hazard for the luxury of being an adult. Doesn’t mean I like it and definitely doesn’t make it any easier getting out of bed. So every morning, I tell myself “there’s coffee at the other end of this” and that helps.

So here’s to morning haters and divine cuppas.

This post is part of the #PhotoADayJune Challenge.

#PhotoADayJune Challenge

I'm doing the #PhotoADayJune challenge.

I have never done one of these challenges before and am quite excited about it.

I will be sharing via this blog or you can also catch me on Twitter (@missRBit) or on Instagram (MissRBit).

This is what June is going to be all about:

If you want more info, FatMumSlim has a detailed explanation on her blog.

I will post my photo for today in a bit.